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the veehof practice

Successful transformations require strong foundations. A strong foundation is always based on consensus (real agreement among stakeholders), not just consent (people nodding yes). It is a subtle, but critical difference if you want to make real impact. With The Veehof Practice we can help you to build strong foundations for your transformation program.

Our practice consists of:

  • A thought-through methodology

  • The space to support the methodology

  • HazelHeartwood team of facilitators to guide you through the methodology.

the effective decision making process 


Consensus in a team starts by building shared understanding of the reality and the options available. That is the purpose of the factual stage: sharing facts and align the whole team on the concepts used and the options presented.



To create real consensus, each member of the team needs to be aware of his or her own position and preferences. This particular stage helps each member of the team to identify personal bias or expectations, so he or she can be fully transparent in the next stage of the process.


This stage is designed to answer one question: “What are we going to do in order to implement this transformation?”. Only once the group has answered this question as one team, you have a solid foundation for your transformation journey.

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