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Tribe & Thrive

Tribe & Thrive is a learning journey designed to help employees recognize and manage stress and pressure while maintaining their personal balance. It has been co-created in collaboration with two key partners, under the supervision of Prof. Dirk De Wachter. The primary objective is to assist individuals and companies to remain performant and relevant during their long careers and life, making it an effective addition to your organization's portfolio of tools for employee well-being and sustainability.

when, who, where? 

The program has been developed and reviewed with the professional support of Prof. Dirk de Wachter and a team of experts.  

The first pilot is scheduled for November and will take place in the Old Abbey of Kortenberg.  We aim for the participation of 5-7 companies and 15 participants. 

2023-09-14-12jaarHazelHeartwood - HazelH
Prof. Dirk De Wachter

get in touch!

For more details about the journey, the participant selection process, and the expected outcomes we are delighted to schedule an appointment to discuss this initiative.

Thank you for reaching out! We'll get back to you as soon as we get the chance.

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