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who we are

We believe in change that enables organizations to serve people better and become stronger in the long run. By tailoring transformation programs, we adapt their digital business processes to make real impact.


We look at everything we do from a human perspective because business is done among people, also in this digital age. Our team consists of consultants with different viewpoints, skill sets and experience levels. They all share the value-driven HazelHeartwood spirit in helping organizations the best way possible. With some of our customers, we also join forces to give something back to society.

young and adept

The strength of our team of consultants is in the values that they share. They understand how your organisation works, they dive into its unique context and challenge today's processes and practices and they get to the facts to collect objective data. HazelHeartwood executes digital transformation programs with its young and adept consultants, each contributing to make these successful. Interested in joining our team?

making valuable impact

Many organizations focus on daily business challenges. It's always a good time to take a step back and look at how to fundamentally improve the business. As part of a structured transformation program, our consultants look at ways to strengthen the ongoing business and tap into new business opportunities. In collaboration with you, they improve business processes and turn this transformation into reality.

it's mostly the people

The human touch of HazelHeartwood is always at the center of customer experience. We follow a human-centric approach to designing, developing and implementing business processes for real people out there. Business processes that truly respond to people are more likely to add value and strengthen the business. As a result, end customers become more loyal and people serving within the organization more satisfied.

At the end of the day, it's mostly about the people.

giving back to society

At HazelHeartwood, we enjoy what we do for organizations. But, there's more to life. We feel that in collaboration with people, we are all connected. Therefore we want to make a difference for other people. We engage in social innovation projects as a joint effort with our customers. For example, with our renovated building in Kortenberg, we contribute to an active social use of the space in the beautiful park around us. It's about giving something back to society.

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