who we are

We believe in change that enables organizations to serve people better and become stronger in the long run. By tailoring transformation programs, we adapt their digital business processes to make real impact. 

Our consultants have various skill sets and experience levels, but they share the same HazelHeartwood spirit. We look at everything we do from a human perspective because business is done among people, also in this digital age. Besides helping out organizations, we like to join forces with them in giving something back to society.

consulting with experience

The strength of our team of consultants is in the values that they share. They think and act with mutual trust and respect. They dive into the unique context of organizations and challenge today's processes and practices. In their drive for improvement, they work fact-based and think long-term. 

making an impact

As part of a structured transformation program, our consultants look at ways to strengthen the ongoing business and tap into new business opportunities. In collaboration with you, they improve business processes and turn the digital transformation into reality.

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