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what we do & how we do it

We design and implement transformations for organizations that want to increase value and make real impact. We understand an organization's unique context before tailoring a transformation program that meets its business objectives. Our goal is to help them reach the next level in their business evolution.


transformation stairway

Together we draw up more intuitive and targeted business processes and customer journeys from a human perspective. We call ourselves stair makers who think and work so that your organization stays top of mind in a changing environment.

we operate according to your organization's unique context

considering people, processes, technology and resources

we actively search for business facts to base decision on

HHW tree root-01.png

We build your specific transformation stairway step by step to gradually align your value streams with your business objectives. As part of the transformation, we take into consideration people, processes, technologies and resources. We create a human environment, in which we orchestrate programs across client and partner teams. This is how HazelHeartwood successfully resolves your original business concerns.

"I have an idea, but I’m not sure how to transform it into a project/business"

We help fine-tuning your transformation idea by guiding you through sounding boards, facilitating workshops and sharing experience. Our goal is to support you in creating valuable projects with an emphasis on your client/customer's growth.

"My data is scattered over multiple platforms and systems"

We help you to build processes and platforms that transform your data into information, which can be effectively used for business operations and customer interactions. 

"I have to transform my business model, since my revenue growth is at risk"

We work together to re-define your value chain of the future. Sometimes through merger and acquisition or post-merger integrations, othertimes through transformation of your existing business model. Always focusing on what is necessary to adapt your organization to a new world.

"I have to transform my customer relations, to increase my market share"

We help you build your relations with your customers by a multi-channel approach. This allows you to always be available for your customers whenever they need you or expect to hear from you, always on, through digital and physical channels.

"I have to transform my operations because I don’t meet my targets"

We work together with you in clarifying the value streams to be improved. Based on that concrete target setting we support you in designing and implementing the change required. We create success by putting in place the processes, systems, and culture, that will drive your organizational efficiency and effectiveness. 

organizational transf.
data transf.
business model transf.
customer dialogue & interaction
operationl transformation

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