Workforce transformation

From a position driven workforce towards implementation of an agile talent driven workforce.

  • Supporting change management by refining roles and processes, organising communication, developing and engaging activities
  • Bringing administrative simplification into organisations’ suffering from over-complex processes
  • Design of a new process and organisation of the personnel mobility during a major transformation of an HR organisation and implementation of a new SAP system
  • Root cause analysis and rectification of systems and processes caused by implementing a new ERP system
  • Professionalising activities with the aim to become more client focused by means of restructuring, preparing and holding a number of training sessions on leading edge process management
  • Support for integrating several departments into a new organisation structure by developing a shared vision of the future mission, vision, strategy and organisation of the new teams
  • Strengthening the project management system and process from an advisory position
  • Helping the leadership align on the strategic direction, project planning and reporting in order to effectively measure the success of the reorganisation transformation with the goal to become more efficient
  • Identification of a shared competence profile and development of an assessment tool in order to assess potential sales profiles
  • Support in the review of an international training program for retailers in order to improve the return on investment of the programme
  • Development of an innovative approach in order to maintain talents of senior employees and create business opportunities for them, during the process of streamlining management resulting in significant number of senior redundancies