Strategic transformation

From an obsolete business model towards implementation of future proof value chains.

  • Business growth and vertical integration through acquisition by analysing and preparing for a number of strategic acquisition targets
  • Scoping new products feasibility and planning their introduction into the market in order to enhance organisation growth
  • Rectification of system and process issues after implementation of a new ERP system
  • Evaluating mergers (understanding synergies, identifying an improved way of working, as well as evaluation of optimal legal structures), development of an action plan and acting as a ‘sounding board’ throughout the process
  • Identifying potential improvements to current ways of working and developing new products in order to further improve business growth by developing policy and process for a new asset-based financial product, leading to reduced risk and increased efficiency for both customer and provider
  • Maximising debt recovery by means of providing a senior banking expert to attend steering committees and critically appraise proposed solutions
  • Evaluating the strategy for a financial asset by studying the opportunities and the risks associated with the asset and the impact this may have on the price of the underlying asset, enabling the Board to make an informed strategic decision
  • Offering acquisition support by delivering an experienced team and supporting the in-house team to work towards a successful closing of the acquisition project
  • Delivering experienced program management support to implement new products towards the market
  • Improving operational sustainability, and avoiding significantly disruptive interruption to services towards the public by managing a project and initiating a discussion between the involved major players
  • Redefining and implementing a strategy to create a sustainable step change in operating cost for an organisation facing rapid changes due to market conditions
  • Delivering qualitative analysis and reporting with recommendations for important strategic decisions
  • Coaching sessions to enhance the skill-set of the management team in line with new international strategy and objectives
  • Advice and support in acquisition processes by means of delivering seasoned M&A expertise to efficiently manage the process