We believe we can do more to create economically and socially sustainable innovations.


With a number of large organizations we are working on a pilot model for the administrative structures needed to allow older people to continue to work in a way that is adapted to their needs. We call the projec EXPERIENCE@WORK. Our unique consulting formula is based on making the wealth of knowledge and experience of our senior advisors available to others – a wealth of expertise that would otherwise go to waste as older workers “retire”. How can our model be improved, and how can it be adapted to other sectors of industry?



Together with a number of large employers we develop a joint solution to keep experienced and motivated employees longer active in a flexible way, taking into account various legal, financial & practical implications.  This model needs to bring added value for  for the involved individual employee as well as for the employer.

Bank of the Future

Some banks are customer-driven. The bank you will discover now is driven by its customers.

16 master students have defined the bank they dream of, based on their expectations, but also on extensive surveys and field research. The most striking conclusion of this research is that retail customers of the future want to control how their savings are invested; understanding thanks to a clear information is not enough; the customer wants to be educated in the field of finance in order to make his decisions independently and he expects his bank to provide him this education.

The bank of the future has no branches and operates in a cashless environment. It offers the basic payment, lending and saving services, in the simplest and most transparent way : the number of choices is limited, hence easy for the customer. The customers are also the owners of the bank which is a cooperative. This bank is not a big player on international markets : it invests in local economy.


When it comes to investment, the customer wishes a new sort of interaction, on top of the bank expert advice : interaction with his peers, in groups where investment decisions are taken based on the collective intelligence of a group of people with the same investment profile; discusssions moderated by an expert lead to a vote on the investment decision for the next quarter. Another investment option that is put forward is crowdfunding; by this token, the customer invests in one single company or project, based on his preferences and on a thorough analysis provided by the bank.