SME Business Growth Transformation

Your biggest customer times two.

HazelHeartwood recognises that the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are very different from the needs of big corporations. To meet those needs we developed a consulting service for small businesses. It is a known issue that many starting business-to-business companies have difficulties in expanding their customer portfolio after having landed that one big customer. Time and effort are often dedicated to the needs of daily business. Activities dedicated to sourcing new customers and growing the relationships with existing customers are often given attention when it is already too late. As a result the success of your company remains strongly depended on the activities with one or only a few important customers. This dependency is a major risk that has led many business to close their activities. 

Business growth based on a healthy customer base is a major topic. HazelHeartwood developed an approach in three phases to achieve just that. We execute a short analysis, based on which we design a concrete approach with clear action points. We finally offer the option to implement your plan. 

phase 1: Concise two-fold analysis


During the customer portfolio analysis we have an in depth look at the number of customers you have, how profitable they are and where they are located. We review how you engage with both your active and inactive customers. The way you prioritize your customers and the time you decide to spend on each is examined.

It is important to have a correct view on your active and inactive accounts. Of your active accounts you need to know what their average order volume is, how long it takes on average before a new purchase is made and if there are opportunities to further deepen the relationship. Of your inactive accounts you need to know why they are inactive and whether or not it is worth recovering the activities with the client.


Based on your customers, your competitors customers and on your web analytics you are able to identify who your potential customers are and where you can find them in the physical and digital world.

A number of variables can be defined based on geography (region, population, climate), demographics (age, gender, income, family size), psychographics (lifestyle, personality, values, interests), (digital) behaviour (usage, loyalty, readiness to purchase, attitude towards product) and benefits (social status, health, emotions).

phase 2: Your plan of action

We select a number of methods and tools to manage and expand your customer portfolio in which we focus strongly on digital touchpoints. The digital tools which we evaluate for implementation support: the management of your contacts and quotes, email marketing, the setup and security of your website or online shop, the use of social media and the introduction of online advertising. 

At the end of this phase we deliver a report in which we reveal the opportunities specific to your organisation on how to deepen the existing customer relationships and on how to expand your customer base. Every plan will be unique for each organisation. Every company has its own dynamics and each time the influence of existing processes, resources, organisation and previously implemented technologies must be examined.

HazelHeartwood conducts the analysis and offers you your plan of action (phase 1 and 2) for the fixed price of € 2500.

HazelHeartwood is a certified service provider of the KMO-Portefeuille. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can enjoy financial support from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship for services that stimulate growth and innovation. The total cost for an SME making use of our services can be reduced up to 40% for small-sized enterprises and 30% for medium-sized enterprises. 

phase 3: Carrying out the plan of action

No time to execute the plan? Based on set of well-defined (digital) tools, HazelHeartwood can help you in implementing your plan of action from a to z. During this phase our team of experts implements the activities, processes and tools which are required to deepen your existing customer relationships and to expand your customer base. 

The KMO-Portefeuille, does not support costs concerning the external services for implementation of the defined course of action. This does not stop HazelHeartwood from offering your company a working solution at transparent and correct rates. You never have to worry about a financial surprise at the end of the project.

Convinced of our approach?