Experience@Work, een innovatief project voor 50-plus medewerkers

Apr 07
AXA, Belgacom and KBC create the basis for Experience@Work, a project managed by Hazelheartwood. Employees aged over 50 are motivated to make full use of their experience. » Click here for the full article

HazelHeartwood in the Book of Sabine Denis

Jan 02
Sabine Denis, director of the Shift, has written a book on sustainability: Value2. HazelHeartwood is described on page 84 of the excellent new book, as one fine example of Social Innovation, combining social results with sound business. The book has been published in February 2014.

Bank of the Future brochure

Nov 20
Sixteen students in Economics, Business and Law of KULeuven, Solvay Brussels School and the University of Gent, all part of the Generation Y, were asked the following question: “How would you design a bank for the year 2020?” The outcome of an intensive six-months process was a design of the retail bank for the future. It is a cooperative bank, acting mostly as a facilitator for its customers. The customers take decisions on such matters as

HazelHeartwood valoriseert ervaring

Sep 19
In 2011 HazelHeartwood started its consultancy activities from a specific angle: valorise the experience of senior managers by matching them with teams of younger consultants.    » Read the full article