Our drive is to earn the trust of our clients.
That is a long term commitment.

We measure our progress in terms of successfully delivered projects. Today, around two-thirds of our current project are for clients who have worked with us before. We consider this an important token of their trust in the quality of our work. Click on the filters below to select relevant references for our existing clients.

Automotive Client

The client, in the automotive sector, had developed a vision to create a single view of each of its customers.

Need identified for support to plan, develop, test and roll-out systems to create the envisioned single view of the customer.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to plan software development and testing activities, as well as plan, support and monitor progress of the roll-out.

Automotive Client

The automotive client is capturing customer information in multiple disparate systems and databases.

Need identified to – as a first step – establish a single view and ID of each individual customer (“golden record”).

HazelHeartwood was engaged to detail the as-is systems, processes and priorities across all geographies to use as fact base for future decision making and vision on how to create a single customer view.

Automotive Supplier

The client was a Belgian automotive supplier in distress as a result of adverse market conditions.

Need identified for fast remediation of financial distress to assure survival.

HazelHeartwood developed an action plan to remediate immediate treasury problems and to effect the financial restructuring and turnaround.

Automotive client

The client, a key player in the automotive industry, was facing challenges implementing simpler reporting systems in their dealer network.

Need identified for hands-on support of the required transformation.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to actively follow up and report on progress of the roll-out of new reporting systems, providing dealer coaching on an ongoing basis.

Automotive Client

The automotive client’s industry was changing fundamentally, due to the impact of digitalisation.

Need identified for a digital strategy aligned to the organisational strategy.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to support the change in direction, based on experience gained in other industries. Together with the client, we co-developed a roadmap and supported the management of the program.

Childcare Organisation

The client, a publicly owned childcare organisation, has embarked on a reorganisation of its teams and activities with a view to becoming more efficient.

The need was identified for hands-on support of the required transformation.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to help the leadership align on strategic direction, detail project planning and align reporting to be able to effectively measure transformation success.

Multi-national Bank (1)

The client, a multi-national bank was reviewing its approach on lending and lending limits. The bank had concerns on the appropriate identification and follow up of the borrowing base.

The need was identified to develop a new framework and to develop a process to follow up on the proper use of this framework.

A HazelHeartwood team of a banking veteran and a consultant was engaged to do an in depth review, to design a framework and to design and implement a new process.

Belgian Credit Insurer

The client, a Belgian credit insurer, was seeking paths to enhance grow.

Need identified to develop new products to better meet the demands in the market.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to provide hands-on support for scoping new product feasibility, and planning for new product introduction.

Belgian School

The client, a major Belgian school for further education, has commenced on a journey to professionalise its activities with the aim to become more client and efficiency focused.

Need identified to train staff on process management.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to structure, prepare and hold a number of training sessions on leading edge process management in the specific context of the school.

Regional Investment Authority

The client, a regional investment authority, has recently refreshed its strategy.

Need identified to critically appraise the proposed new strategy with the Board.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to facilitate strategy days and specific discussions around the potential impact of the new strategic direction.

Municipal Authority Client

The client, a municipal authority, has embarked on a process to centre its activities around customer needs.

Need identified for support to the transformation process.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to provide hands-on support, leveraging expertise gained from the transformation of other municipal authorities, to concretise and accelerate the process.

Belgian Health Insurer

The client, a Belgian health insurer, has piloted an innovative treatment framework for diabetic patients, with indications of success.

Need identified to create the case to roll out and scale up the use of the new treatment framework.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to prepare and develop a sustainable business model for the new and innovate treatment framework, and validate it with both internal and external stakeholders.

Belgian SME

The client, a Belgian SME who had implemented a new ERP and had serious issues with the completeness of its project accounting reporting.

Need identified to swiftly identify and rectify system and process issues at cause for issues.

HazelHeartwood analysed the current situation, identified the root causes of issues identified, and developed a remedy plan.

Strategical Companies

Three strategically important companies active in the same region with the same activity were all loss-making.

Need identified to find ways to improve operational sustainability, and avoid significantly disruptive interruption to services to the public.

HazelHeartwood initiated and managed a project to start a discussion and to find solutions that benefit all companies involved and that helps to guarantee service delivery to the public.

Global Technology Company

The client, a global technology company was facing challenges implementing a new ERP system.

Need identified to ensure ERP implementation programme structured to deliver required outcomes.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to conduct an “outside in” expert programme review, reporting back actionable improvement recommendations to the audit committee.

Multi-national Bank (2)

The client, a multi-national bank, was in the process of streamlining of management, resulting in significant number of senior redundancies.

Need identified to ensure talent of employees leaving is not lost – to find positions outside of the bank or establish themselves independently.

Together with the client, HazelHeartwood developed an innovative approach to create new business opportunities for the senior people involved.

Governmental Organisation

The client, a governmental organisation, was evaluating the strategy for a financial asset.

Need identified to assess whether or not a specific financial asset should be kept on the books or sold in the market.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to study the opportunities and the risks associated with the asset and the impact this may have on the price of the underlying asset, enabling the Board to make an informed strategic decision.

German Bank

The client, a German bank, was involved in a number of specific distressed debt files.

Need identified for hands-on support to follow up the handling of these complex files.

HazelHeartwood provided a senior banking expert to attended steering committees and critically appraise proposed solutions with a view to maximising debt recovery.

Socio-Cultural Client

The client is a Belgian SME in the socio-cultural sector where the founder wished to buy out a shareholder.

Need identified for specialist financial advice and indicative company valuation.

HazelHeartwood calculated and advised on the valuation of the companies involved, and worked on the strategy and financing of the share deal, resulting in a successful completion of the deal.

Savings Bank

The client, a savings bank in Belgium, was facing challenges to scale up and maintain its agility in the face of high growth.

Need identified to streamline and accelerate loan origination processes.

HazelHeartwood facilitated the participative redesign of a critical process and supported their implementation through planning, coaching and checking.

Metal Company

The client, a global metals company, had a legacy of IT complexity resulting from recent M&A driven growth.

Need identified to plan to simplify and standardise IT landscape and organisation.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to identify improvement opportunities, co-create and plan IT improvement initiatives, and support and improve project and programme management processes.

Financial Institution

The client, a division of a major international financial institution, was seeking to further improve its business growth.

Need identified to work with automobile concession holders to identify potential improvements to current ways of working and to develop new products to fill identified gaps.

HazelHeartwood developed the policy and process for a new asset-based financial product. The transparency of the policy and its process resulted in reduced risk and increased efficiency for both customer and provider.

Agro Food Client

The client, a major player in the agro-food sector, had taken the decision standardise its ERP system across all entities.

Need identified to shore up the delivery of the programme.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to bring the next level of maturity to programme structures through improved planning, budgeting, reporting, and roll-out.

Global Technology Company

The client, a global technology company, had decided to migrate to a newer, more feature rich ERP system.

Need identified for specialist ICT program management.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to design and plan the migration to a fully functional ERP system.

Waste Management Company

The client, a waste management company facing difficult market conditions, chose to restructure its management team along international lines.

Need identified to enhance the skill-sets of the management team.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to hold coaching sessions to enhance the skill-set of the management team in line with new international strategy and objectives.

Retail Client

The retail client is operating in a challenging market and is in the process of addressing a number of supply chain related topics

Need identified for a “sound-board” to both challenge and support the COO

HazelHeartwood was engaged to provide senior expertise to meet with the COO at regular intervals.

Charitable Organisations

Two separate charitable organisations were considering a merger.

Need identified to understand synergies, to identify a to-be way of working, as well as to evaluate optimal legal structures.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to evaluate the merger of the two entities and to develop a plan of action. Throughout the process, HazelHeartwood remained the Board’s “sounding board”.

Regional Trade Agency

A regional trade agency is reaching market saturation.

Following a strategy review, the trade promotion agency identified the need to reduce reliance on subsidies and increase its relevance to identified target groups.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to refresh the 3 year strategy through series of participative workshops. To assure rigorous implementation, consultants would regular follow up on strategy implementation.

Belgian Government

Belgian government was suffering from over-complex processes.

Need identified to develop a resource centre for regulatory and administrative simplification for the Belgian government. The resource centre supports government agencies in providing public services focused on participative problem resolution.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to provide process support for administrative simplification.

Non-profit Organization

A non-profit organization was faced with rapidly changing market conditions.

The organisation identified a need for a strategy to create a sustainable step change in operating cost.

HazelHeartwood was engaged to support in redefining the organisation’s strategy. To create a fact-base, consultants participated in the operational activities and met people at every level across the organisation. Additionally, the cost base was benchmarked against other sector organisations. The strategy was co-created in workshop sessions with management and HHW consultants designed a program to implement it.


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