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 We transform human organizations into a digital world


We support our customers to grow as human organizations in a digital world by working on questions like:

“How can we …”

  • design and implement innovative products and services?
  • enhance our customer experience?
  • tap into the intrinsic motivation and talents of people to drive the organization
  • leverage technology to improve our digital offering?
  • Leverage mergers and acquisitions to multiply our growth?
Economically Sustainable

Organizations must be effective and efficient to survive. We help our clients by answering questions like:

“What can we do to …”

  • make our organization lean and agile?
  • sustainably improve quality?
  • make a step change in our cost base?
  • improve internal mobility and adapt to the changing age pyramid
  • structurally improve the contribution of IT to our business?
Socially Relevant

Organizations are sustainable when they create value for a multitude of people. We support you to optimize this value by answering typical questions like:

“How can we …”

  • optimally govern our organization?
  • improve services to citizens?
  • maximize the social value of our enterprise?


We support clients in defining strategy, implementing transformations and validating results



Our approach to strategy focuses on co-creation, leveraging the creativity, knowledge and experience of the teams we work with, and engaging the organisations we work in. Our aim is to craft actionable and pragmatic plans – as opposed to expensive and exhaustive reports.



Our approach to implementation is guided by our experience that success comes from starting small, testing well, validating outcomes, and progressively scaling up. Every step of the way, we take care to consider people, processes, systems and organisations – as opposed to blindly following process check-lists.


Our approach to review is two-fold: first, we leverage our senior executives as “sounding boards” and second, our consultants tread lightly and work swiftly to report fact-based outcomes. Our philosophy is that review must be positive process, focused on highlighting improvement opportunities – as opposed to listing up known defects.


Experienced and creative people

The level of experience in the teams we deploy makes us unique. At HazelHeartwood, we don’t just call the experts, or fly them in from around the world at our client’s expense. Experienced Senior Executives are an integral part of the teams we deploy. Pairing Senior Executives with seasoned Consultants, we more efficiently identify what is important, and focus on that. Our clients experience a sustainable learning journey with a minimum of strain on their organisation.

That same level of experience leads us to not making any assumptions. We know every client situation is unique, and that each requires its own creative solutions. That is why we take time to understand your organization-specific context, and to ensure that our recommendations and actions are both reasonable and sustainable.

Why our team is unique

  1. We deliver tangible results based on critical analysis, creative problem solving and long term thinking
  2. We are actively involved in our society and respective communities
  3. We believe in freedom to take responsibility based on mutual respect and trust
  4. We strive for simplicity in everything we do


We work for medium and large companies and not-for-profit organisations.

Social innovation

We believe we can do more for our clients and our other stakeholders. Therefor we develop our own socially innovative projects that are economically durable and socially relevant.


07 November 2017

Les seniors “prêtés”, ça marche !

In times where we need to work longer, how can we make sure that older employees stay motivated? How can we mobilize them? How can we stimulate their innovative mindset? Experience@Work came up with a solution: older employees get the opportunity to offer their skills to another organization with maintenance of renumeration.
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Source: La Libre Belgique

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